Blog a Day 36of365: Twitter made me do it

So as I was stumped for an idea for tonight’s entry I let Twitter choose for me. Thanks to various random strange people for coming up with some odd ideas!


Refrigerators…..erm. They’re brilliant. Especially if you don’t houseshare so the fridge is just yours rather than having to divide it up into a few different sections and suffer the smell of the rotting food that your lazy housemate hasn’t thrown out. I’ve had three memorable refrigerators in my time.

The one at home that I currently use is a fridge/freezer combo thing and quite a decent size. Much taller than me. Always full of vaguely healthy and useful things though. And random sauce bottles too that I’ve lost track of but I keep them ‘just in case’.

The second one was the one that I shared with 6 other flatmates while in my first year at University. You know it’s bad when while at a lecture about prisons, I learnt that prisoners on average get larger rooms than the rooms in my University accommodation. Excellent. The fridge was also tiny. Ridiculously tiny in fact. With 7 of us using it, you could only really store 2-3 things each. Completely pointless most of the time. There’d always be someone stealing space too. Damn people.

The third one was the fridge in Stafford where I lived for a year while doing my Msc. Much better student place. It was old RAF accommodation and despite the fact that walking back from the student union in the dark was lethal (no street lights and a ditch perilously close to the pavement), it rocked. I only had 2 housemates and the fridge was much bigger than the previous University fridge. One of the housemates left after Christmas, leaving me all her food (yay free food) and the other was hardly ever in and never seemed to eat. So I had a fridge to myself. Brilliant. It also gave milk immortality. Had a bottle of milk in there once for over a month and it still looked ok and smelt ok. I didn’t actually drink it though. It was my science experiment until it vanished one day. I assume the elusive housemate threw it out. Or maybe she drank it and that’s why I never saw her again…

iPad: I don’t really have any interest in the iPad yet. I don’t think it’s really for me. I have an iPhone. It’s lovely but I don’t really fancy owning a giant iPhone. It’d never fit in my pocket and it’d be a right nusiance. I suppose at least I could probably hit a mugger with it. It’d make a great torch too.

Cheese: I like cheese but I’m quite boring about it. I don’t like blue cheese or smelly cheese. In fact I only really like cheddar, cream cheese, Monterey Jack and mozzarella. Unlike my mother I don’t have a strong urge to add it to every recipe possible.

Chocolate bars: I love chocolate. It’s my one big vice considering I rarely drink, I don’t smoke and I generally try to eat vaguely well. My favourite chocolate bar of all time is the Maverick, made by Nestle I think. It contained caramel, raisin, biscuit and toffee pieces. It was perfection in chocolate form. But like all good things, it had to come to an end and it was discontinued. So now my favourite is Galaxy. I could eat ridiculous quantities of it if I had no self control. When I get to my 80s I’m going to live on Galaxy and curry.

Socks: I don’t generally wear socks. I tell a lie. I have for the past 6 months but that’s down to my poor recovering broken foot which really doesn’t like the cold or being unprotected in any way. Before that though I never really wore socks. Even in the winter when my feet were freezing. I hated my feet feeling constrained. Now I don’t have the choice. Bugger.

Chopsticks: I can’t use chopsticks. I really can’t. I just don’t have the dexterity for it and I’m also too lazy. That’s all I have to say really on chopsticks.

4 thoughts on “Blog a Day 36of365: Twitter made me do it

  1. Darren aka Kainz UK

    Know what you mean about cheeeese. I love the stuff and grew up on cheddar and mature mostly. I add it to everything I eat, from tortilla wraps all the way to sprinkling it on brown rice 😮

    As for chocs, I’m the same. I was a chocoholic until I hit my mid-twenties and started taking nutrition seriously but I still dabble in the stuff every now and again. If I had a favorite it would prolly be any Yorkie bar, or Double Decker tbh! Nomonomonom!

    Oh, I’ve only ever had Chinese once in my life 😛 Prefer Fish & Chips or Pizza 😀

  2. Dani

    The Maverick bar was amazing. End of.
    Fuse bars were also rather nice.

  3. Soodalin

    I’m the same on the iPad, I would like one, and would happily accept one, but don’t ‘need’ one and wouldn’t buy one 😀

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