So, I’ve done it. Blimey. I didn’t really expect to. Actually, I say I didn’t expect to. I thought I’d give up somewhere in the first few weeks but once I passed those weeks, my stubbornness prevailed and I refused to quit. As I saw more and more people drop out in those early weeks, I realised I didn’t want to do that at all.

So excluding the couple of days here and there where I was utterly stumped for ideas and knackered after a busy day, while it would have been easier to give up, I didn’t actually want to. So I didn’t.

For the most part, I did it for myself. It was lovely to have many comments about it all but it was particularly satisfying to do something solely for myself. Having said that, in April around the anniversary of my Dad’s death, I decided to bung up a JustGiving link. It’s only raised ยฃ20 which seems a terrible shame especially for a charity that helps a disease that really can strike at any time. Anyway, I’m not asking for a lot, but if you’ve read a fair few entries and enjoyed the year, chip in ยฃ1. Doesn’t have to be any more than that, everyone’s frequently poor at this time of year I know, but those ยฃ1s add up. The entry about it all is from April 20th.

Sermon over…

It’s been an interesting year. It’s gone quite well actually. Certainly compared to the previous couple of years.

My foot isn’t as bad as it was. It’s not perfect and the pessimist in me suspects it never will be now. I was particularly disheartened by it during the Eurogamer Expo in October but it’s getting there. It’s way better than it was this time last year where I was still in a lot of pain with it.

Going to the Eurogamer Expo was quite an event too. I haven’t travelled much in recent years so it was great to go to something like that and meet up with people like Sinan Kubba, Lewis Denby and Pete Davison. Going to London for a press event in July also meant I could meet up with Samdybrown too which was good ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s also the fact that I’m now editor in chief for Resolution which is amazing. Really didn’t expect that at all and I’m proud of my accomplishment.

I’m also very pleased that I’m now no longer working for DVD rental shop and instead I can be self employed with my writing and earning more than I was there. I still miss my old workmates (although I visit regularly) but I don’t miss the actual work. It’s a great move for my mental well being as well as everything else. Hopefully things will just improve for 2011.

Even my social life has improved ever so slightly this year. Not hugely but that’s how awful it was in 2009! In saying that, I’m not doing anything for NYE today but oh well. Maybe next year.

Life is clearly a work in progress still but I’m feeling a bit more positive about the forthcoming year which is good.

As I write this, I’m skim reading my old entries from the year. I’ve got as far as April. Tough time of the year as March and April bring many difficult anniversaries. It’s difficult for me to read in places but also I’m quite pleased that I opened up so much. The current entry open however is a light hearted one, 10 ways to annoy a retail worker. I quite like that one.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t entice me to do this again for 2011. I’m not going to though. While I fully intend on blogging regularly (I have a plan for an entry tomorrow, funnily enough!), 3 times a week hopefully, I don’t fancy doing another OneADay. I’ve done it and I’m happy with how things stand for me. Some other OneADayers are planning on it though so do take a look over at The One A Day Project. Should make for some interesting entries over the year.

Anyway, enough waffle. Some of you poor sods have had to suffer it for the past year after all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks people for reading this ๐Ÿ™‚ While I’d have kept writing anyway, it was made all the better by having people comment and encourage me. I’ve made some good friends for this thingy. Don’t go too far though, I’ll still be blogging! Tomorrow in fact and I’ve got some interesting plans ahead too.

Is it weird that I kinda don’t want to press the publish button for fear that I’ve forgotten something and it’ll all be too late to blog as part of One A Day?

Blog a Day 365of365: The End