Blog a Day 364of365: Games of 2010

It’s hard to know what to say about my games of the year. That probably sounds a bit odd considering what I do for a living but that’s precisely why it’s difficult. I’ve already covered my main few over at Reso, namely Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption.

So go read my thoughts over there rather than here.

However, there are a few other titles deserving of something.

PS3 Exclusive
Heavy Rain

Yes it didn’t match all the ridiculously high expectations set for it, but I really enjoyed it. It was gripping enough that I looked past its flaws and foibles. I cared about all the characters and found myself thinking carefully about the moral dilemmas ahead of me. That and you could actually completely screw up without necessarily ‘failing’ which was original. It could have been more, sure, but what was there was still highly satisfying for me. It is admittedly not a game that I feel myself returning to very often though, despite initial adoration.

Xbox 360 Exclusive
Fable 3

Another flawed exclusive but one that I similarly adored. Sure, you still couldn’t plant that acorn and return to a tree, but it was charmingly fun. Ruling your own kingdom was entertaining and again, made you truly question your decisions, and just running around amongst the beautiful landscape was fun in its own right. Lovely stuff.

Wii Exclusive
Donkey Kong Country Returns

I’ve raved about this quite a bit. Having spent the afternoon watching a friend play it, I feel like raving even more. It’s just fantastic. The level design is wonderful and it’s a true challenge, a welcoming challenge in fact. Just buy it, will you? It’s brilliant. It’s not just a great Wii exclusive, it’s a great game for any console.

Ridiculous amount of hours put into but not quite deserving of a GOTY award
The Sims 3

Ahh The Sims 3, a guilty pleasure for many but it shouldn’t be. It’s a good game after all. I was hooked enough on the PC version but then the console version came along and threw achievements into the mix too. Far, far too addictive. It’s compelling stuff and the sheer wealth of options is great. You can create your own life story essentially which makes for fascinating gaming. It says it all really that it was The Sims 3 that delayed me from writing this entry this morning. I was too hooked on it and ran out of time.

Might have been GOTY
Deadly Premonition
Demon’s Souls

Both titles that I have in my possession (I’ve borrowed Demon’s Souls from a friend). Both titles that I’ve hardly played feeling that they deserve more time than I have available. I will get around to them but not in time for me to have an opinion in 2010 sadly. I suspect I’ll particularly like Deadly Premonition. I’m not so sure about Demon’s Souls but I certainly need to find out for myself. They could have been my two favourite games of the year but they’re not. Not yet at least.

Indie game
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Ahh Recettear, you narrowly beat Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’s a fantastic concept – running your own JRPG style item shop. It’s much harder than that though as you have to pay off debt within a very strict time limit meaning you have to raise money fast. It’s done by the usual ‘buy low, sell high’ method but also by exploring dungeons with hired adventurers which makes for an entertaining change of pace. It’s a brilliant little game, it really is. It’s £6.49 on Steam at the moment in the sale, perfect time to buy it.

Old faithful award
World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft deserves something. I’ve not been subscribed all year but the amount of time I put into it at the start of the year and in the last few months, makes it well worth some attention. It’s much easier to level up now, perhaps a little too easy, but it’s great fun. It’s the perfect game to drop into after a long day.

Wonder what 2011 will bring?

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