Blog a Day 362of365: Christmas Sales

As I had a bit more energy today and fancied spending some money, we popped out to the local retail park to see what the sales had to offer. We had suitably low expectations considering normally the sales are rubbish. In places they were quite rubbish but Game managed to excel itself for once.

My Mum had a wander around some freakishly busy clothes shops which resemblanced jumble sales rather than regular shops.

We wandered into HMV which had quite a poor selection of things on offer. I did buy Night at the Museum and Public Enemies on DVD for £3 each though.

Then we went to Game. I expected Game to be a bit crap. It usually is after all. I was pleasantly surprised.

I quickly picked up two PSP games: Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite for £4.99 and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for £7.99. Bargain!

There were quite a few tempting 360 games but ones that I feared would be left unplayed considering my 360 backlog. Bionic Commando for £4.99 was nearly worth it though. It was a similar tale with the PS3 and Wii games.

So I joined the queue. The queue that ran from one side of the quite long shop to the door. It took 20 minutes of standing. Still, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite for £5? Worth it.

Also, while I was in the queue, I spotted Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light for £12.99 so snapped that up too.

Oh and before leaving the retail park, we went to WH Smith which had some rather lovely looking cookbooks on offer as well as a Wind-Up Pac-Man & Ghost which my Mum kindly treated me to.

Good afternoon out really. 2 DVDs and 3 games for £32? Bargain. And a nice evening planned ahead full of portable gaming delights. Lovely.

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