Blog a Day 361of365: The day after Boxing Day

Today is going to be a lazy day. I’ve decreed it. Yesterday was mental busy and Christmas Day – although great – was still rather tiring and involved lots of effort with the dinner etc. Today will be a much more relaxing day.

I’m still in bed while I write this although getting up in a minute. I’ve been playing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for the last couple of hours. I still suck but it’s fun. I’ve also spent some time drawing up a very basic plan of what to write about for the last few days of OneADay. I’ve got an idea now, except for tomorrow, for each day which should help a lot. It’ll be weird to not have to blog every day after New Year’s Eve but it feels like a good idea now. I’ve greatly enjoyed the past year but I’ll be pleased to not be compelled to write here every single day. I do however intend on blogging a couple of times a week, maybe more, as I assume I’ve got some regular readers now and I do like writing after all!

Back to today though. Once I get up, I’ll crack on with sorting out lunch. Lunch is going to consist of bubble and squeak, mashed potatoes, cheese, home made potato salad, shop bought potato salad, cold meat and random pickles and chutneys. It’ll be delicious!

Then I think I’m going to spend the afternoon watching films and reading some of the books I got for Christmas, while eating vast quantities of chocolate and shortbread.

It should be a nice day. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel suitably rejuvenated too 🙂