Blog a Day 360of365: Boxing Day

Today was the traditional Boxing Day visit to my Aunt and Uncle’s house, with my Grandmother there too.

It was really good fun despite the fact I was nearly falling asleep in a few places due to crappiness. Even my Grandmother was in a rare good mood and wasn’t racist or nasty to anyone. Amazing!

Presents wise I gained a box of Milk Tray, a Lindt Father Christmas, a Simon’s Cat book and calender and Metropolis on blu-ray. Rather good in other words!

Before I went out, I played some Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for the first time. Really like it so far. I’m pretty crap unfortunately but the Autolog makes a good game into something special. It’s hugely satisfying beating friends. Certainly be playing it more tomorrow hopefully.

I played some of Enslaved yesterday afternoon too and that was promising. Not really played enough to fully get into it but it seems right up my street so far.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a lazier day and I’ll get some time for gaming, although currently I’ll be equally content with just lazing in front of the TV with some good films. Christmas for me is more about the family than gaming I guess.

So yes, short entry. Sorry and all. Tired and not much of interest to say about the day really as it was all rather nice but ultimately uneventful!

Phew, not many days to go now. I’ll miss this for a bit but not on days like today!