Blog a Day 357of365: Frantic

I’m an extraordinarily tired person this evening. It’s been a long day.

The run up to Christmas always seems to be rather frantic, even if it is almost always self inflicted.

I’m still feeling distinctly under par and I’m coughing lots, but I hit the shops. Almost literally.

It was only a few bits and pieces but it all adds up when the shops are packed. That and I popped into my old workplace to sign a sympathy card for the old workmate I mentioned yesterday.

Got home with plans to do various tidying based things, do all my present wrapping, that kind of thing. I did get half the wrapping done but for the most part, I sat in front of the TV dozing.

Well done me.

Tomorrow I’m finishing the wrapping, visiting a family friend to exchange presents, phoning a different friend, tidying, cleaning out the guinea pigs’ cage, visiting two different rental stores to wish friends merry Christmas and at least two hundred squillion other things….ok, maybe just a couple of other things. It’ll be nice when Christmas Eve evening hits and I can just relax.

It’s all utterly self inflicted really but still *yawns*

On the plus side, Epic Mickey arrived today which was a pleasant semi surprise. Looking forward to playing it despite some rather mixed reviews.

For now I’m working my way through PoP: The Forgotten Sands which is enjoyable but unchallenging. I can see why some people would be unkeen but I like the franchise, even if it isn’t a patch on The Sands of Time. I’ll write some more about games when I get a chance.