Blog a Day 355of365: Christmas shopping

Today I took the intrepid journey to Swansea city centre. It hasn’t snowed in 2 days and today looked to be the best day of the week to go. Only had a few bits and pieces to pick up like fresh food from the market as I’ve done the majority of my shopping online.

I quite like going to the actual shops a few days before Christmas even though it’s manic though. Guess I’m a stickler for tradition or something. That and one of the shops I needed to go to (Lush), it was cheaper to go to the shop than order online.

It was exceptionally manic today, presumably because of the snow. It took over an hour to get there when it usually takes 20 minutes. The shops themselves were no worse than the usual Christmas rush at least. Pity the council hadn’t bothered to clear the pavements though, it was lethal in some places and I slipped a good few times. At least the roads were clear.

I’m knackered now. I’m still coughing quite a lot although at least the ‘delicious’ cough medicine is taking the edge off things.

I’ve delved into the Steam sales and left with Puzzle Quest for 90p and The Witcher for £3.25. That’ll be plenty. Even better, Nokkon surprised me with a copy of Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut which was excellent! I now own it on nearly every system possible (not the DS, although I have got a GBA copy of the original). I’m a fan of the original Broken Sword, as you might be able to guess.

An evening of finishing up Aliens vs. Predator, WoW and Broken Sword beckons I feel. I still don’t feel overly in the Christmas spirit sadly but hopefully it’ll kick in soon enough.

Tomorrow I’d best wrap some presents actually…