Blog a Day 354of365: Landmarks

Only 11 days to go? Really? Crap. The year’s gone fast.

A few interesting (to me) things happened today.

First of all, I gave my first 10/10 to a game. Finally I came across a game that I felt was the pinnacle of its genre and all that. The game? Donkey Kong Country Returns. A review will be up tomorrow so I’ll link to it then.

Second of all, I reached 1,000 followers on Twitter which was quite a surprise indeed. To think that there are 1,000 people keen to see my random 140 character rambles…well I say people, it’s probably 950 bots and 50 people. If I’m lucky.

Third of all, I finished my work for the year. Hurrah! I’m all free and stuff. I can laze in bed as long as I want, yay. Except I’ve got to wrap all the Christmas presents, do some last minute shopping, visit various people delivering presents and tidy the place. Other than that though, I’m free.

I’ve nearly finished Aliens Versus Predator so I can move onto something a bit more compelling then. I think I’m going to finish up Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands actually. I left that over halfway through anyhow.

Oh and as everyone else is going on about it, the Steam sale has started. It seems rather good. I haven’t bought anything yet though. To encourage participation actually, what would you recommend?

I’m off to go play some lovely World of Warcraft while watching The Nineth Gate.

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  1. Buy everything in the Steam sale. It’s all awesome!

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