Blog a Day 353of365: Random ponderings

Today has been a long day. I struggled out for a while to the local Asda then realised just how weak I still feel. It was disheartening to say the least and I’m feeling increasingly twitchy about it all, what with Christmas creeping ever nearer.

On that note, me and my Mum put the Christmas tree up. It went badly. While I thought I was doing OK of late, it turns out that I’m probably not doing that great mentally. Putting the Christmas tree up confirmed it and there were many, many tears. It’s up now at least but I feel distinctly unsettled and on edge now. Hate feeling so damn vulnerable. I do bottle my feelings far too much which really isn’t healthy but it’s also rather difficult to break a habit of a lifetime. Maybe a few weeks break will help me a little, can but hope.

Another switch of topic, I see a few keen souls are considering participating in OneADay next year. Good luck to them!

I doubt I will be. I’ve proved to myself that I can do it and I tend to write daily anyhow so it’s served its purpose. Great time doing it though and I’ve met some great people through it as the OneADay crowd, both old and new, have been lovely.

Anyway, I’m in a strange mood and feel like crap. Seems a good reason to go to bed to me.

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  1. Marco

    I admire what you’ve done Jen! You’re almost there!

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