Blog a Day 352of365: A boring entry

I’ve spent much of the day playing World of Warcraft. I have no guilt. I still feel crap after all and it is Saturday.

There’s a good few inches of snow outside but annoyingly it’s too powdery to make a snowman from. Also, having gone outside for five minutes wrapped up very warm – I still felt like death and had many a coughing fit. Lovely.

So I stayed indoors, wrote up my GOTY for Resolution and then played lots and lots of World of Warcraft.

Really, I’m lacking inspiration for what to write about because of this. WoW is great fun to play but less fun to read about I suspect.

My Christmas backlog thing is progressing well. I only played Aliens versus Predator while in bed this morning but I seem to have nearly completed the Marines campaign so that’s handy! It’s OK. That’s about all I can say though really. It’s not overly interesting and I suspect if it wasn’t for my stubbornness, I probably wouldn’t bother. It’ll be nice to mentally tick a game off my list though. Unless of course the other two campaigns are worse, then I might not bother at all.

On another note, I’ve got a rather nice meal of bangers and mash with beans and onions cooking. My appetite has returned! Not fully, probably because I still can’t taste as much as I’d like and my throat’s still sore. But it’s nice to be a bit hungrier.

Tomorrow the Christmas tree is going up no matter what. It’s about bloody time really with only a week till Christmas. The problem with me being the only person who can physically lift the tree.

I really am truly pissed off with still feeling crap.

So yes. Sorry for the waffle. I’ll try better next time……probably.

One Thought to “Blog a Day 352of365: A boring entry”

  1. Dani

    Sorry you’re feeling so rubbish 🙁 It looks like Phil may have swine flu (possibly what you have) & seeing him suffering, I really, really sympathise.

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