Blog a Day 351of365: Christmas (back)log

This was meant to be my last day of work. It’s not quite unfortunately. Being ill has meant that I’ve fallen behind a bit so I’ve got a few more bits and pieces to finish up. Hopefully by Monday, I’ll be clear and free until the New Year though. So it’s time for me to figure out how I’m going to spend my Christmas break – that is the gaming side of things. I have got other plans too!

I’m hoping to acquire a game or two for Christmas but I also want to clear some of my backlog. It’s good to have ambition right? I might need to not sleep for a while though. Here are the contenders:

Aliens versus Predator
Started this today actually. Only played it for an hour or so. It seems….OK. Nothing special by any means but I don’t hate it yet. I’ve heard it’s very short so that’s why I’ve started with it. I can feel I’ve achieved something quickly then, I’m shallow like that. I’ve only actually got it because it came free when I bought Vanquish ages back so how bad can it be for free?

Assassin’s Creed 2
I started playing this shortly before Brotherhood came out but then promptly switched to that and loved every second of it. I hated the first Assassin’s Creed but loved Brotherhood so who knows how I’ll feel about this one. I’ve heard good things of it from friends at least. I’m guessing it’ll take me a while to complete though but hopefully I’ll enjoy it.

Battlefield Bad Company 2
I’ve had this for ages. Played the SP for a time and the MP briefly. A friend keeps raving about it so I feel that I should probably play it a bit more. I’ll certainly complete the SP and give the MP a bash too. I’m notoriously crap with any multiplayer shooter but I’m hoping to enjoy it anyway. Quite fancy BFBC2: Vietnam too.

Crackdown 2
I bought this a little while ago, as well as picked up a copy for Nokkonwud so hopefully we’ll give it a go in co-op. I wasn’t very keen on the demo admittedly but surely it’s worth a shot alongside a friend. Should make for some mindless fun anyhow.

Deadly Premonition
I started playing this then got distracted. This will be rectified. Everyone’s been raving about how bizarre, crap yet wonderful it is. I need to discover this for myself! Not sure on the length of it though so it might be left till later in the list.

Fallout: New Vegas
Bought this not long after it came out. Played it briefly but couldn’t get into it, then Fable 3 came out and I was distracted. Fallout 3 took a while to sink in for me though so maybe this’ll be the case too. A massive game though so I seriously doubt I’ll complete it over Chrstmas.

Halo Reach
Briefly dabbled in the multiplayer – surprisingly impressed by it. Want to play the single player sometime, co-operatively ideally. The multiplayer needs some decent time put into it though as I really rather liked it. Certainly more so than Black Ops.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Played half of this a while ago then left it behind as it was only a £12 distraction anyhow. I quite like it. it’s not very clever or anything but for the price it does the job. Won’t take me long to complete I’m sure.

Red Dead Redemption
I finished Red Dead Redemption and loved it. So I bought Undead Nightmares but I haven’t played it yet. This needs to be rectified!

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions
Got this for my birthday but ended up playing Mafia II instead and this was forgotten about. I don’t like the stealth missions in it much but the rest of it is good fun. I’ll persevere I think.

So yes, lots to play indeed. Should be good though. I’ll provide updates on my Christmas (back)log progress.