Blog a Day 350of365: *splutter*

Crap. What do I write about? And why is Google Ads displaying an advert for ‘Ask a Dog Vet Online Now’?! How have my recent entries been related to ill dogs? At least assuming I’m avoiding the self deprecating dig at myself, that is.

It’s been another day full of staying in bed, daytime TV and trying to get some work done which of course took four times as long as if I’d been healthy. Tomorrow should be the day where I work solidly and then feel ridiculously excited as I reach the end of the ‘year’ and can enjoy the fact that there’s nothing left to do till January.

It doesn’t feel quite as exciting as this though. It’s going to be a bit of an anticlimax considering I’ll still be coughing up my lungs and feeling utterly drained. Grrr.

Still, it’ll be lovely to be back to playing games purely for fun once more. I’m not sure what I’ll be acquiring over Christmas but I think I’ll be buying Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit as soon as possible in the New Year. The hype has got to me clearly.

Backlog wise – I really, really must play Deadly Premonition and Assassin’s Creed 2. I feel slightly bad that I’m writing up my GOTY piece tomorrow and I haven’t had a proper chance with Deadly Premonition. That’s the problem though, isn’t it? I’ve not played Enslaved yet either and I reckon that might be quite a hit with me too.

Must play Halo Reach too. I’ve played the multiplayer briefly and was pleasantly surprised. I want to play some Legendary co-op with some friends too.

Currently I think that’s about it but three games is plenty to be getting on with. Oh and Battlefield Bad Company 2…..this list is going to be evergrowing.

Maybe tomorrow when I can be bothered to go look through the pile, I’ll ramble about what delights can enthrall me over the festive period. I bet you can’t wait to hear.