Blog a Day 349of365: *cough*

Today I felt amazingly better. I leapt out of bed at 8am, tidied the house, did the hoovering and cooked huge quantities of food. Then I went rushing out the house to finally buy the Christmas tree, went to Asda to buy food and then wrapped some presents up before posting them off. After that I wrote hundreds of thousands of words before going for a run.

Yeah that didn’t happen, but it’s boring to keep saying ‘ugh’. I do feel a teensy bit better admittedly. I say a teensy bit better. I’m not sneezing as much and my appetite is back a bit. Yesterday I said it was back, it wasn’t really. In the end yesterday, all I ate was some mashed potato and some Yorkshire puddings. All day.

A commenter mentioned yesterday that I don’t have flu because I managed to blog. A commenter I don’t know admittedly and I’m pretty sure knows sod all about me if they came to that conclusion. I’d ramble on for longer about that but, somewhat ironically, I haven’t got the energy to do so.

I did somehow manage to get some work done today. I have no idea how, I’ll put it down to stubbornness. And the realisation that it had to be done and I’d run out of time. Good ole willpower. That’s how I’ve kept blogging really. There were quite a few naps in between and general ‘ugh’ moments though.

Anyway, I’m getting there. I’m just bored and tired and can’t breathe and keep coughing and……er yeah.

Roll on feeling better.

2 Thoughts to “Blog a Day 349of365: *cough*”

  1. Dave

    No, you’re misquoting me. I didn’t say you don’t have ‘flu because you were able to blog although I did mention blogging so I guess you misunderstood me.

    It just annoys me significantly when people claim they have ‘flu when they clearly don’t. The symptoms of influenza are so extreme that you would be in bed and so weak that if someone dropped a £50 note on the floor, you quite simply wouldn’t have the energy to reach down and pick it up.

    I don’t expect you to give up your blog because you have a cold and apologies if I came across that way, it’s just the misuse of the word “‘flu” that frustrates me.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past year, it’s one heck of a job to do this every day which is certainly something I’m not capable of doing.

  2. Haly

    Experience and matching every symptom here: will beg to differ with your prognosis of my health.

    It annoys me also when people complain they have flu when they’ve managed to get into work for example. Much the same as when people say they’re depressed when they mean a bit fed up. This isn’t the case with me however unfortunately. I’d much rather have a nasty cold and not fall behind on my work, be able to eat and enjoy some semblance of the week!

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