Blog a Day 348of365: *groans*

This flu has made me feel rather cheated with the end of OneADay. It’s turned it into a slog when I was still quite happily wandering along with my desperate attempts at thinking of something interesting to write about.

I’ll be able to make up for it in the last 2 weeks but it’s still annoying.

I perhaps don’t feel quite as bad as yesterday. But I do have a permanent headache, constantly streaming eyes and nose, my throat is raw from coughing and sneezing and I have so little energy that I just stopped mid sentence to groan and shut my eyes for 10 minutes. Awesome.

I’ve decided actually to proclaim that it’s Swine Flu. I’ve got no way of proving this and of course it doesn’t really matter what strain of flu it is, but I figure if I’m going to feel this ill, I want a fancy name for it.

Perhaps most frustratingly, I’m limited in terms of what medication I can take. I’m allergic to paracetamol you see. Only mildly, but enough that I can’t take too much of it otherwise my throat causes all sorts of problems. So I’m stuck with Beechams Cold Care which is fine but I’d prefer to be on Night Nurse.

At least I’ve got a bit more of an appetite. Eating is a huge effort but I’m enjoying what I can taste at least. Comfort food ahoy with a craving for mashed potato and yorkshire puddings.

Anyway, I’m going to go groan for the rest of the day now.

Sorry for the crap entry yet again.

4 thoughts on “Blog a Day 348of365: *groans*

  1. Emily

    I’m allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen. I can sympathise with your annoyance on the pain killer front.

    Hope you feel loads better soon.

    P.S. Did you enjoy watching Sherlock Holmes yesterday?

  2. Dave

    Well it’s clearly _not_ flu. If it was flu, you’d be laid up in bed, unable to barely move, never mind spend time writing a blog.

    Sorry to hear you have a nasty cold, but it really isn’t any strain of flu.

  3. Haly Post author

    I WAS in bed barely able to move.
    ‘and I have so little energy that I just stopped mid sentence to groan and shut my eyes for 10 minutes. ‘

    It’s called willpower. I’ve spent 348 days blogging daily, not wanting to give in. You really think I’d quit now?


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