Blog a Day 347of365: *sneezes*

I’m pretty sure it’s flu now. The fact I hardly have the energy to type or get out of bed suggests it’s worse than a cold so I’m going with flu.

Thus it’s hard to know what to write about today. I suppose I could tell you how many times I sneezed today but I lost count. I spent most of the day in front of the TV. I watched Sherlock Holmes and Home Alone. Robert Downey Jr made the world slightly less crap, at least until the 300th sneezing fit kicked in.

I’ve eaten more today. It’s not a huge amount – namely some bourbon biscuits and some mashed potato but that’s more than yesterday at least.

I’ve also noticed my inhibitions go. Much like alcohol, when I’m stricken with some nasty cold/flu thing, I don’t really care what I say or do. Thus it’s probably fortuitous that I haven’t spoken to many people. I have been sorely tempted to spend money though – mostly on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Medal of Honor. Thankfully because it’s Christmas soon, I’ve resisted.

Would you believe me if I said that just typing this was exhausting me and making me cough even more? No? Tough, because that’s exactly what’s happening now.

This is another ‘phoned in’ entry, I’m sorry. My brain doesn’t work today. Just be grateful that I’m carrying on!

18 days to go…

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