Blog a Day 346of365: Ugh

I feel like utter death tonight. Utter, utter death. The cold care meds only seem to take the edge off things for an hour and the rest of the time I feel boiling hot, sneezing incessantly, can’t breathe and my throat feels full of razor blades. To say I feel poo is an understatement.

I didn’t get up till about 3pm and to be honest if I lived alone, I’d have stayed there all day. Not even got an appetite which is very unlike me.

Somehow I managed to get some work done. Didn’t really have a choice and it took about three times as long as usual.

Other than that, I’ve watched three films – Four Christmases, Star Trek: Nemesis and The Hangover. I’ve seen all three before but they were all good comfort TV, especially The Hangover which always cheers me up a tad.

I’ve been wanting the day to end since about 6pm though. I really, really hope this is the peak of the cold. I dread to think how it could get worse.

I’m not expecting to sleep tonight, at least not well. I can’t breathe sitting let alone laying down.

Ugh. Yes this entry sucks but see this as a representation of just how shitty I feel.

2 Thoughts to “Blog a Day 346of365: Ugh”

  1. 🙁

    Get Well Soon, just been ill myself and it sucks beyond belief 🙁

  2. Get well soon Jen! The Hangover should do you some good!

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