Blog a Day 344of365: In which I lack content

Ahhh Christmas shopping. It always feels like a good idea at the time doesn’t it?

I’ve done the vast bulk of my shopping but a few bits were still needed. My Mum being the traditionalist decided it was best to get these few bits in actual shops rather than online ones. Damnit. I don’t mind it sometimes but this wasn’t one of those times. I haven’t slept well in a few days (one of those self inflicted admittedly) and my foot is still iffy from the bowling, dancing and general merriment. Far, far too many people stopping suddenly forcing me to react quickly and invariably end up putting all my weight on my foot suddenly.

Still, the trip could have been worse.

We got most of what we needed although there will be another visit to town, possibly two. Put it mostly down to my mother’s need to do ‘proper’ shopping rather than solely depend on the internet. To be fair to her, if she hadn’t been ill for most of November, we’d have done it then.

After the shopping, I bought us KFC which was a good way of rounding off the trip. Not had KFC in a good few months and waiting made it all the better.

Oh and I bought some blue hair dye. I fancy a new image and while self employed, I figure I can get away with it. I’ve never actually dyed my hair before so this’ll be eventful! And also hopefully not disastrous too.

I’m off to the local farmers’ market tomorrow which will be lovely in terms of produce but not so lovely in terms of having to get up early in the morning.

Plus I feel in need of an anti social day or two. Oh dear. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will rejuvenate me. Otherwise it could be a very long weekend :s