Blog a Day 343of365: Night out

I went out last night. It was what’s best described as ‘messy’. Fortunately not for me.

No hangover amazingly but I do feel absolutely knackered as the Red Bull in the Jagerbomb kept me awake till 4am.

There were numerous shots but I do remember most of the night. Ish.

It started with bowling. Across two lanes, I was on the lane that wasn’t overly keen about bowling. This made it much more fun as we mostly spent the time joking around and drinking. I’m rubbish at bowling so I wasn’t too fussed.

Following that came the start of the oddness. First of all, I acquired this pink sheep thing:

One of my mates won it and it was passed down to me. Around that same time another friend bought some candy floss and we both wandered along to the pubs and clubs looking like strangely regressed children.

Oh and we were wearing these at the time too:

What followed were many shots. I did have some water somewhere in the middle but then went back to the shots. I haven’t had shots in years. I felt smug that I could still down them without any trouble. Not bad for an utter lightweight. had my first Jagerbomb too which went down far too easily.

Much merriment and dancing and singing followed. Till eventually I decided it was wise to leave.

Thanks to my awesome mother, I had a lift sorted for free. Not bad at all for gone midnight. The problem was that while waiting for her, one of the other guys felt decidedly rough. I’ve never actually seen anyone look that ill. Poor lad. I’d only met him once before (he’s a Christmas temp) and he’s quite quiet and only 19. I think he was trying to keep up with the other, more hardened drinkers. He failed.

So, candy floss guy practically carried him to the car. Along the way he threw up all over candy floss guy. Poor sod.

We got him to the car and there he stayed for the hour or so it took us to find where he lived. He fell asleep a good few times and was utterly awful at explaining where he lived. If it hadn’t been for the GPS on my Sat Nav I think he’d have ended up on our sofa.

Oh and he was sick in the car. To be fair to him, he was mostly sick out of the window with only a bit remaining in the car. Still, it was a hell of a first impression.

I cleaned the car in the morning and thankfully it didn’t take long.

Good night out though. There needs to be more of them.

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