Blog a Day 342of365: Going out

I’m going out tonight to probably get drunk. So I’m sensibly writing this now so that there’s no repeat of the birthday night out ‘I’m drunk and I have no idea what to say, here’s some waffle’ entry. I don’t really go out that much for a drink thus I’m a lightweight and a very inexpensive drunk.

Tonight might not actually involve much drinking. I’m going out bowling for my work Christmas do. Not bad going considering I don’t actually work for that place any more. Fortunately because my workmates really like me (I assume/hope) I was still invited. To the point that within seconds of handing my notice in, the first question asked of me was ‘but you’re still coming to the Christmas do, right?’. So that was nice.

I wasn’t the only person to have left this year and still be invited – two other ex-workmates were invited, as well as a manager who had to switch stores in September. We’re an inclusive bunch dontcha know. I haven’t seen a few of them in a good month or so, it’ll be nice to catch up.

I haven’t been bowling in about 3 years. I was never good at it in the first place so I’m expecting to be suitably rubbish. I’m going more for the socialising and the food anyway. Actually I’ve just googled what food is involved and I might skip the food –

* Bonzer baby bangers
* Fiery chook wings
* Shortboard Mini Pizza
* Bondi bruschetta
* Longboard Fries
* Twister seasoned fries
* Porkie pie


Still, it’ll be good to catch up with everyone. For now though, I’ve got a pile of work to get done by 5pm. I generally work much later than that so I’ve got some juggling to do.