Blog a Day 341of365: The To Do list

I’m no doubt not alone in longing for Christmas and a bit of a break. I know I don’t do anywhere near the amount of work as many others who do this stuff full time. Actually I’d hate to work out the hours breakdown per week, it feels like a lot, but…If nothing else, I don’t have crunch week like all the magazine journalists have. I’m still knackered though.

I’ve got a To Do list drawn up which is telling me exactly what I have to do on which day right up until the 17th – a week, Friday. There are 11 different things to write on there. It doesn’t include the 148apps stuff nor the other things like the fact I need to go out a few times over that period. When that Friday comes though, that’s it. I say that’s it…I said this last year. Then I was offered some paid work and well, you don’t turn down paid work do you? That was the only piece of work over the Christmas period though which was something.

I need to be able to play 3 games at once too. I’ve been juggling Megamind and Donkey Kong Country Returns today but that’s with a desperate urge to play Cataclysm all day (also work). After I get something to eat, that’s fully what I intend on doing for the rest of the night.

It’ll be so, so nice to be able to wake up in the morning and not know exactly what needs to be done – because instead, nothing needs to be done.

I remember last year having surprisingly little to do in January and feeling utterly lost. I’m looking forward to that feeling this year. At least until I start panicking that it’ll all dry up and I’m doomed.

Anyway, the feeling of that To Do list being empty is going to be so very sweet. Then I can start on the insanity of finishing off last minute Christmas things. Yay!

On another note, Milka cookies and cream chocolate for the win. It’ll keep me sane for the next 10 days.

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  1. Welcome to my world, a million things to do constantly!

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