If you asked me, I’d say that I don’t like Halo. It’s true to an extent but perhaps indifference is a better way of putting it. I’m simply not fussed about the series. The stories are utter nonsense and I never find them overly compelling. I don’t quite get why people think they’re the greatest game in the world ever, nor why they’d queue for hours in the rain to be the first to play it. Actually that point applies to pretty much all games. Maybe I’m just lazy but I’m not fussed about being the first with any game. I did go to a Gears of War 2 launch but that was more to do with the fact that I was awake at that time anyhow.

Anyway…Halo is something that I’d say I’m not a fan of. Having said that, I’ve somehow completed them all and now I’m the owner of Halo Reach. I think it’s down to other people.

Halo 1 was the first Xbox game I ever played. It was while I was staying with my then boyfriend and we wanted to play a game so we played it co-operatively. I was quite impressed by it but I don’t remember it ever being amazing. Just good fun, mostly because we played it together. We completed it and that was that.

I subsequently bought him Halo 2 for Christmas and we started playing through that. We didn’t complete it and then we broke up (not connected to be fair). I bought it for myself though and completed it. Again, it was ok. Not amazing.

A few years later, a group of friends decide they want to play four player co-op Halo 3 and recruit me into their group. Brilliant time playing it. We even managed to get the really awkward Legendary based achievements. Good times all round. Solo though – it was ok, nothing special. I wasn’t keen on MP.

Last year I was asked to review Halo: ODST for GamePeople so I did. I actually quite enjoyed this one solo, it was eerie and being alone throughout made it more unnerving rather than being the all powerful Master Chief. Didn’t touch the MP though, nor play it a second time.

Last week, I go into the shop my friend works at and he tells me that he’s bought Halo Reach and going to play it co-op with some friends. He’s a guy who hates Halo, isn’t just indifferent to it, just really thinks it’s stupid. But he’s been roped in by friends. He subsequently ropes me in too. I buy it for £18.

He hasn’t been around all week but I decided to give it a shot just now. I jumped straight into the multiplayer, very unusual for me! I’m not much of a multiplayer gamer at the best of times.

I love it. Genuinely love it. I loved that 20 minutes more than the hours I spent with Black Ops’ multiplayer. I even topped the table once and very nearly the second time. The matchmaking seems to work perfectly.

I can see me playing it a lot more. I’m thoroughly impressed.

Who knows if the SP is any good but it’s bound to be decent enough as I’ll be playing it with friends.

I still wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m a fan of Halo though, but if this carries on, I’ll pay it a lot more respect.

Blog a Day 340of365: Love/Hate Halo