Ooh isn’t that a pretentious title. I don’t really know that much at all, but…..well, you’ll see.

I can walk into a games shop, look through the display of Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 titles and I’ll know a sufficient amount about each game to gauge a rough opinion of whether I’ll like it or not. There’ll be the odd exception, like Divinity 2 that I spotted last week, but for the most part I know. This makes me terribly judgemental and maybe I miss out on the odd gem that, despite getting an average review, could have been great for me.

When I was a kid I’d wander into a games shop mostly oblivious to the games around me. I’d recognise the likes of Mario and Sonic of course but what about General Chaos and Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday? I took a risk with them simply because of the back of the box and they both turned out to be terrific games. Maybe it’s down to expectations. As a kid it was all fun. I even liked Sonic Spinball simply because as a kid you soak up every game you can get your hands on.

Take my next door neighbour’s 12 year old. I’ve given him a few PS3 games on long term loan: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Fight Night Round 4 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. In the case of two of them, games that I haven’t got the time or inclination to master. The other, a sports game that I’ve played sufficiently but I’ve no urge to go back to it. There’s too much else going on and I’d rather play something else. For him though, he’s soaked them up entirely. Seems to be playing them every chance he gets and he’s quite scarily good at them too.

I envy that naivety and that amount of free time. I’m impatient, cynical, too broke to take a risk and don’t have the time for just any game like he does.

It’s nice to see him take so much enjoyment from it though. Something that I think I need to claw back soon once the Winter/early Spring games rush ends.

Blog a Day 33of365: Knowing too much