Blog a Day 337of365: Xbox 360 memories

One of the remaining OneADayers, Mike Grant made me reminisce about when I first got my Xbox 360.

I’ve never bought a console at launch unfortunately. Oh I’ve wanted to, but I’ve never been able to afford it for various reasons. I’m hoping to change this for the 3DS and future consoles, but for now I’ve always had to wait a while.

The Xbox 360 I bought nearly a year after its launch. October 2006 to be exact. I’d just moved to Stafford for a year to undertake a Msc course. I’d also vaguely recently got out of an expensive long distance relationship. I’d spent the summer before moving working hard at a mobile phone shop. It was commission based and I received my final pay at the start of October. October was also my birthday and I had a full week of birthday based fun organised. You can guess where this is going right?

I scouted for the best deals possible at the time and after briefly considering driving to a Toys r Us in Stoke, I settled on the Gamestation deal in town. I took the bus and was off to spend ridiculous sums of money for someone who was budgeting £20 a week for food.

Arriving in Gamestation, I settled on the Premium model (duh), PGR3 with an extra wireless controller and Dead Rising (steel tin edition, ooh shiny). It came to £300. Fortunately I’d bought a VGA cable the week before knowing I’d succumb sooner or later.

The problem came when I wanted to get it all home. Did I mention I was recovering from a shoulder injury? No? Oh. Well I was. My right shoulder was knackered. According to the physio I was regularly seeing, my shoulder blade was detached from my ribcage or something like that. It was a mess anyhow. I was even smaller and weaker than I am now. The 360 was really quite heavy (yes I know I was a wimp). I had to stop on three occasions on the way back to the bus stop for a break. Gradually feeling my shoulder become more and more painful.

I got on the bus and slumped down, preparing myself for the walk from the bus stop to my house. As a random aside, my bus used to go through hospital grounds – the grounds of the hospital that’s forever in the news now because they supposedly killed lots of people through negligence. I’ve been there too. Had to take my pregnant housemate to A&E once as she was in pain. All fine fortunately. Er anyway, random tangent over…

I struggled back from the bus stop to my house. By the time I got to my room (fortunately on the ground floor), I dumped the box on the floor and went online to tell my friend on MSN that I’d bought it but couldn’t be bothered to set it up now.

I did in the end of course. I wasn’t that weak really. Well, I was. Quite amazing looking back now. I’m a much fitter person these days although oddly not as thin but oh well.

I set it up and discovered the Xbox Live Arcade. Who cares about PGR3 and Dead Rising when you can play Doom and Bejewelled 2! I spent hours playing those and about 10 minutes on Dead Rising and PGR3.

After a few days I realised just how great PGR3 was though and my housemate’s boyfriend would stand and watch me play it. Oddly he never wanted a go, not sure why.

I’ve not got PGR3 any more but I’ve still got Dead Rising. I’m still crap at it too. I’m much better at DR2 for some reason.

My poor original Xbox was sold once I moved back home. Kind of wish I’d kept it as it was a Crystal Xbox and looked lovely. It offered my first online console gaming experience too when I was absolutely awful at Burnout 3 and had no microphone to apologise through.

Hopefully one day soon I’ll have a 12hr queuing tale to tell about a console launch. We shall see.