Blog a Day 336of365: What’s on my iPhone?

I spend an incredible amount of time attached to my iPhone. Admittedly I kind of have to what with a considerable amount of my income depending upon it. Still, I like to think I know a bit about good apps and all that. While I’m pondering what to write about for my OneADay, I figured I’d ramble about the many apps currently on my iPhone. Maybe it’ll give some people inspiration of what to download next. Who knows.

Be warned, there are 42 of them. Phew. I won’t waffle too much then.

Echofon – It’s a Twitter app. I use Twitter a lot and I’ve found Echofon does exactly what I need of it.

eBay – I like to check my eBay auctions while on the move. Don’t use it very often admittedly but it’s one of those apps that never seem worthwhile deleting. Just in case.

Facebook – Much like Twitter, I check Facebook reasonably regularly. Admittedly I use the app more at the weekend than in the week as I don’t tend to turn the PC on as much at the weekend.

WoW Authenticator – It’s good to have extra security for your World of Warcraft account, hence why I have an authenticator attached.

365 Puzzle Club – I used to play this every night as it offers a different Sudoku game every day. I haven’t actually played it in weeks though so should probably just delete it.

IMDB – I’m a film geek. I like to be able to access stuff quickly if I’m desperately trying to remember what film soandso was in.

OnePoll – It might take forever but those survey sites where you earn money very, very slowly is quite handy if you’re someone with a few minutes spare every once in a while. I prefer the likes of YouGov though.

Puzzler World – Another app that I mainly played Sudoku through. I’ve mostly finished it now though.

Rightmove – I like nosing at house prices and seeing what we can afford and how much our house is worth.

Sky News – I’m a news hound. I check this app every night to catch up on things I might have missed from BBC News (News 24 is almost always on and BBC News is my browser home page).

Wikipanion – Much like IMDB, it’s useful to be able to look up stuff randomly.

Words with Friends Free – I like playing Scrabble with friends, so it’s a bit obvious. I’m too cheap to upgrade to the ad-free one though.

Trivial Pursuit – I haven’t played this in ages but it’s fun to play trivia games. It fits in neatly with my whole ‘film/news geek’ thing.

Orange Wednesday – Handy every Wednesday so I don’t have to keep digging out my Orange sim card. Also quite handy to check cinema listings.

QuizQuizQuiz – Another trivia game, yay. I’ve had this one for well over a year too. Great little game and inexpensive too.

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene – Fantastic Space Invaders game.

Arkanoid – Another classic arcade game. Love Arkanoid and the many clones available.

Star Chart – I love this. It’s great to know exactly what stars you can see. I’m fully intending on going to the top of a huge hill in the countryside nearby, and looking with this app.

Diner Dash – Frantic time management games are quite fun. Not admittedly played this in ages though as it turned ridiculously difficult.

Tube Deluxe – Very handy when in London.

iProRecorder – I’ve never used this actually but the next interview opportunity, it’ll be fantastic.

Flight Control – It’s Flight Control, everyone loves Flight Control. Having said that, I hardly play it and mostly redownloaded it to test it out on my iPhone 4 after upgrading from the 2g.

Angry Birds – Everyone was raving about it, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. It’s good but it’s amazing what marketing can do. I’ve played other, less known titles, that are equally as good.

Kingmaker – It’s for Fable 3. I hardly use it now admittedly and I never could get it to work in a Game or Gamestation store.

CAD Mobile – I’m a big Ctrl Alt Del fan. The app isn’t as good as it could be but it’s free.

Game Dev Story – This game has sucked up so many hours of my time. I first downloaded it one Saturday morning while still in bed and planning on playing on my 360. Someone had mentioned it on Twitter so I thought I’d give it a quick go. 3 hours later and I was still playing it. Brilliant game. Roll on the sequel.

Plants versus Zombies – It’s a great game. I’ve got it on the PC too and quite tempted by it on the 360 too. Great tower defence game.

FontMonsters – It’s like Typing of the Dead but a bit weirder. Fun though.

Flashlight – It’s a torch. Torches are useful.

Floop – Physics based puzzler but really quite fun.

Pocket Wine – I’d like to know more about wine. While I don’t just yet, this fills the gap perfectly.

Lego Harry Potter – Fantastic Lego based game. Equally as good as the console one I’d say.

Push Panic – Frantic Match Three type puzzler. I like trying to beat my high scores.

DVD Catalog – I keep meaning to add all my DVDs to this. They’re spread across three different rooms so it’d be handy to be able to access a list really easily.

Around the World in 80 Recipes – Lovely little recipe app. I want to try the crepe recipe, hopefully at the weekend.

Bakery Story – Just finished reviewing this. It’s a casual, social game. Bit like Farmville. Not my cup of tea. Will be deleted soon.

Feed Al – Another recent review game. Fun physics based puzzler once more.

Bug Panic – Just downloaded this so not played it yet.

Reach Stats – Easy way of accessing Halo Reach stats. Looks handy.

Stackster – Arkanoid clone but that’s all I know as I’ve just downloaded it.

Yes. Lots and lots of apps indeed.

3 Thoughts to “Blog a Day 336of365: What’s on my iPhone?”

  1. Can’t believe you did this (awesome btw). I was just about to start doing ‘an app a day, keeps the android away’ post series on mine. I still will.

  2. Haly

    Definitely do it! I’ll be interested to see what you rely on too 🙂

  3. More and more as the days go by. Updating to 4.2 iOS today 😀

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