Blog a Day 333of365: Freeeeeezing

I’ve got a cat wrapped round me at the moment making it really rather awkward to type. I’d move him but he’s keeping me warm so it seems silly to do so. Hence lazy free writing time.

It’s bitterly cold here. Still not snowing, mind. But cold enough that I’ve been wearing fingerless gloves around the house and even Kinect hasn’t kept me warm. Living in a very old house with an old boiler/central heating system is not good at all. Another reminder that we need to move. I’ll be surprised if it’s in time for next winter though, so much that needs doing first!

I’m watching The A-Team having bought it today. I have no remorse. I enjoy it even if it was rather badly slated at the time of release. If there’s a sequel, do feel free to blame me. I’m fine with that.

Currently I’m watching the extended edition that came on the Blu-ray. It’s nowhere near as tight as the theatrical one and I doubt I’ll be bothering again. Still, I do like the triple play Blu-ray editions. The digital copy will be handy on the train and the DVD version is useful for…well it’s bound to be useful for something. It’s free anyhow.

I’ve got more writing to do after this. It’s been a busy day again, mostly because I had to go out in the afternoon to get some food shopping. So I’ve got some last minute writing to do. Still catching up on a weekend of being ‘ugh’.

Oh the cat’s moved now. Right, writing time it is then.