Blog a Day 332of365: (still) Ill Sunday

I’m still ill. Don’t expect a fascinating OneADay today. Actually, have you expected one at all in the past 330 odd days? You have? Oh dear, you must be so disappointed.

Today was much the same as yesterday. I stayed in bed till 2.30pm playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood which is still fantastic fun.

Then I got on with some editing and scheduling ready for the morning. Following that, I played World of Warcraft and marvelled at the fact it’s taken me less than 10 hours to reach level 20 and that’s including various minutes of downtime as I went AFK. Not bad at all. Bit annoyed that a quest I just tried to complete, all went a bit wrong though. A mob wouldn’t die and I have no idea why. Played it while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Green Wing. Eclectic indeed.

I’m knackered now and have realised I really don’t feel great. Brilliant.

I’ve got stuff to do too, like attempt to make this interesting, and write a review for the morning. I left it to the last minute, I was a fool.

Oh and it’s freezing cold. Minus something or other yet it’s still not snowing. Despite it snowing absolutely (ok, not everywhere before someone points out they’re snowless, but you know what I mean) everywhere else in the UK.

Having said that, I’ve been delegated as the nearest to well person in the house (which is true) and I’m off to Blockbuster and Tesco tomorrow so I don’t really want snow now.

I’m off to pick up The A-Team on Blu-ray (don’t judge me) and buy some food as we’re low on bread and stuff. Throw in some other stuff and tomorrow feels like a busy day ahead. One that I feel far from ready for. Ugh.

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  1. Get well soon Jen! Hope the review writing goes ok!

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