Blog a Day 331of365: Lazy Saturday

I’ve been ill all day which has been a bit rubbish. On the plus side, today was a good day to not do anything. I had nothing huge planned which is something.

So I stayed in bed till 2.30pm, mostly playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I’m really enjoying it still. I’m worried it’s going to end too soon but I’m spending plenty of time wandering around and doing various side quests to drag things out a bit. I’m a pretty badass assassin if I do say so myself.

It’s very surprising really. I hated the first Assassin’s Creed and the second one completely passed me by because of that. But much like Red Dead Redemption (another title I wasn’t fussed about), AC: Brotherhood has hooked me. I’ll certainly be playing the second one after this now. Probably still won’t bother with the first one though.

I really need to get some time with Deadly Premonition and Demon’s Souls soon though. I need to know my top 5 games of the year pretty soon and I feel both those titles stand a chance of featuring.

Once I did get up, I spent the afternoon and half the evening watching Green Wing while playing World of Warcraft. I forgot just how great Green Wing was. Really is a fantastically funny show, and utterly bizarre. It’s on TV Choice on demand thingy if you’ve got Virgin TV so do watch it if you haven’t before.

World of Warcraft is an ideal comfort game to play when you’re feeling rough. I’m levelling a new character for a bit before Cataclysm comes out so it’s all quite easy to do.

Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better tomorrow. Otherwise it’ll be the same again and also a spot of editing work too so I could do with having my brain about me.
Also I’d quite like some snow tomorrow. It’s bloody cold so I want something pretty to look at while I’m freezing!