Blog a Day 330of365: Willpower nil

I was reminded this evening of exactly why I should never be unleashed in Tesco with a debit card in my hand and an urge to spend money in mind.

It was an impromptu trip. My Mum’s got some sort of awful sinus infection type thing and is in a lot of pain with it. We ran out of painkillers. Despite not feeling too perky myself, I offered to go to Tesco and buy some more. Which is how I found myself driving in mildly icy conditions off to a shop I didn’t have the energy to wander around, but with a slight urge to spend far too much money.

Immediately I walked to the magazine section of the shop. I left with a copy of the new iPhone magazine Tap for myself and People magazine for my Mum to cheer her up. Turns out it was the sexiest man special edition too so that was handy for shallow me.

Then I went to the DVD and games section. I browsed the cheap bargains, picking up Night at the Museum in the end, carefully resisting oh so many others. I figured I should probably buy something that I actually intended to buy so went off to find the painkillers.

Then I found myself off by the bakery section looking at the cakes. I didn’t buy any, at least not fresh ones. I bought Mr Kipling Chocolate Slices and Viennese whirls for my Mum. They were essential. Honest.

I bought dinner for us both and carefully dodged the chocolate aisle as well as the ice cream section.

I did pretty well I think. I only bought two non-essential magazines, some cakes and a DVD. Actually the DVD wasn’t bought in the end as it was mispriced and I wasn’t willing to pay the full price when it came up on the self service till.

Funny really. When I’m in the right frame of mind, I’m great at sticking to the list and scouting out bargains. That wasn’t today though.