Blog a Day 32of365: Brain no worky

Blank page syndrome is hitting me hard tonight. Not good considering I have this to write as well as a review. I think ultimately it’s my brain’s way of saying ‘stop making me do things for the love of God’.

My brain is also full of too much crap so it’s mind dump time.

I’m watching The Invention of Lying. I’m hoping it’s good but I’ve seen it before at the cinema, and I think it’s going to suffer badly with a second viewing despite its potential.

I need to write a review of a great little Wiiware game Max and The Magic Marker. I suspect only a handful of people will actually read my review, skipping over it in favour of bigger games. I don’t mind though.

I’m busy poring over the BBC Politics page reading what spin the Tories have come up with next in time for the election. I’m also cringing at most of the Labour policies as it looks far too much like a sinking ship. Oh and the Lib Dems? Great ideas that no one will notice, bit like a lot of Wiiware games actually!

I should have done something useful this afternoon but instead I watched the last two episodes of House Season 5. It kept me suitably hooked. I now desperately want to see Season 6.

I’ve been trying to watch the same episode of How I Met Your Mother in bed for the last 4 nights. Every time I get to about 20 minutes in and fall asleep. I don’t think it’s the episode’s fault but at least it’s improving my sleep.

I really need to write this review, then I can go play World of Warcraft for a bit. Exciting stuff eh?

Oh and I really must pack this PS3 up ready for it to be picked up for repair tomorrow. I’ve backed up my save files on a High School Musical memory stick bracelet. That’s how cool I am.

I’d quite like to go play Mass Effect 2 now….no must watch film while writing this review.

What a shit way of starting a new month, with this crap.

Ugh. Must keep brain on one thing….oooh shiny thing.