Blog a Day 327of365: Work, work, work

The last couple of weeks I’ve felt increasingly like I don’t have enough time in the day. I’ve been getting up earlier and going to bed later yet I still find myself lacking spare time. It’s not entirely true admittedly. Today, I did go out for a walk around some shops with my Mum but it didn’t exactly feel leisurely, what with the Christmas crowds.

Other than that though, there was iPhone review writing galore, Sonic Colours playing time for a forthcoming review and then some ‘lovely’ time spent playing Harry Potter on the Xbox 360. I’ve just snagged myself 30 minutes with Zuma’s Revenge but it would have been nice to have had more time for something.

I’m looking at the list of things that I have to do tomorrow and the things I’d like to do and I’m wondering when the secondary list will actually get done. As much as I enjoy the Autumn rush, I’ll also be rather pleased when there are less games to handle and I’ve got some breathing space.

Maybe I’ve just been a little bit ‘all work and no play’ ish of late. Probably proving this whole self employment thing to myself.

Admittedly, even this blog is feeling like work at the moment. I guess it had to eventually and with only 38 days to go till I finish, that’s not bad at all.

Still, can’t complain too much. I’m not the only one rushed off my feet after all.

I’ve been thinking about Christmas gaming plans. Definitely intend on getting Enslaved for it and then I’m thinking I might have a go at playing through all the Prince of Persias over Christmas week. It’s my first Christmas in 3 years that I’ve got the whole week off which will be very, very nice!

I think my feelings to do with Christmas needs a more comprehensive blog entry however so I’ll save it for another time.