Blog a Day 326of365: Yellow stickers

I went yellow sticker shopping today. You might well ask what that actually is. It’s tracking down the bargains in Asda that have been reduced due to their best before date being today or tomorrow.

It’s one of the exciting things about having little household money. We’ve got a pretty tight weekly budget which is ok as we like cooking, but sometimes it’s nice to pick up a bargain.

We’d clearly arrived at the right time as there was loads of chilled food on offer.

It’s quite odd how addictive it is. I found myself walking around casually then suddenly looking over and thinking ‘there’s a yellow sticker, run for it! Oh it’s just a crappy fish pie’.

So I ended up with some garlic flatbread, a tikka flatbread, a veggie pie, a beef and gravy pie for my Mum, fillet steak for my Mum (£1.50! Extra Special range too), a chicken and veggie bake for 4 people (also £1.50), a chicken and mushroom risotto and a haddock fish pie (OK so I did buy the fish pie). I’m sure I’ve forgotten something too but I’ve lost track. That was despite also turning down two fresh chicken kievs, some quiche and various other forgettable things.

It was a good trip. Plenty of food has gone in the freezer for easy meals which is always nice.

Shame there was no bread on offer but you can’t have everything.

I like Asda a lot, it’s saving us a small fortune lately.

I’m off to play World of Warcraft now because I clearly have very wrong financial priorities.

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  1. World of Warcraft? Financial priorities aren’t your only worries. 🙂

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