Blog a Day 325of365: Freewriting

Time is of a premium tonight so I’m free writing for the next 7 minutes until 10pm hits. Time isn’t admittedly hugely limited. It’s just that I want to go play World of Warcraft having resubscribed last week in preparation for Cataclysm’s impending release. Yay!

I’m feeling fresh and keen, ready to face the coming week. Lots on but lots of paid bits and pieces which is always nice. It’s going to cut into my Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood time unfortunately which is ridiculously good fun but I don’t mind. AssBro really is terrific fun. I’m thoroughly impressed and it’s certainly still a strong contender for my Game of the Year.

Currently I’m watching a fairly average film called American Dreamz with Hugh Grant. It’s passing the time and it only cost £2 at least in a bundle with Intolerable Cruelty which is a better film.

I’ve got an urge for cheese and onion Hula Hoops too so I think I’ll be grabbing a packet once 10pm hits. Which is in, oh, 3 minutes time. I’m clearly writing slowly as I’m still not sure what to write about.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a solid play of Your Shape I think. I wussed out this weekend as it reminded me of how terribly unfit I am.

Is it 10pm yet? Not quite. Erm. Damn you inspiration, damn you! *shakes fist*

I’m going to go look at the 2 for £10 Studio Ghibli offer over at after this I think. Not that I should spend the money really.

Ahh 10pm.