Blog a Day 323of365: Catching Up

Today was not as boringly predictable as I anticipated.

According to the notepad file that controls my life (my To Do list), I was going to crack on with some work that wasn’t vital but was handy to do. I didn’t.

I’d slept badly which meant that I overslept. When I did wake up, I felt disheartened and lacking severely in motivation or energy. Which is how I found myself spending the afternoon visiting a friend instead.

I was good. I did get some work done (which I finished once I got home) but I headed off out at 2pm plotting to visit some DVD rental stores.

Wait! It’s better than it sounds.

Due to my 2 years of working there, I’ve got friends to visit there. The original plan was to go to the one that a good friend is now manager of and the one that I used to work at. I didn’t get round to the one I used to work at as I ended up staying at the first one for over two hours.

It was great to catch up with my friend. Despite chatting to him a few times on Xbox Live, I hadn’t actually seen him since my birthday night out last month so it was good to catch up properly. As much as it sounds like a very strange form of social life, as he works odd hours, it was the best way to catch up.

I also ended up buying The Basketball Diaries, a film I’ve wanted to see for ages after he recommended it to me. Looking forward to seeing that.

It all gave me quite a cheery boost as I wandered off home afterwards.

This evening I also phoned another good friend of mine and we caught up. Turns out she’s been in Italy for the past week, lucky soandso!

Did I also mention that my Call of Duty: Black Ops review has gone up over at Resolution? And I had some lovely positive comments from various peers whose opinions I trust greatly. Really nice to see for ever lacking in confidence me!

So yes, pretty nice day in all. Plus it’s the weekend now and I get an actual weekend like normal people, yay! Except I’ll probably get on with some work Sunday night but that’s optional isn’t it?

One Thought to “Blog a Day 323of365: Catching Up”

  1. Your CoDBlOps review was exceedingly good 🙂

    Also, you’re a shockingly efficient person. Seriously. Quite terrifying.

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