Blog a Day 321of365: More Kinect fun

I’ve had more of a dabble with Kinect today. Not a huge amount admittedly. I was planning on a proper session this afternoon but ended up chatting to a friend over Xbox Live instead.

So this evening I had a chance to play Kinect Adventures online with Marco Fiori which was awesome fun. There’s something rather surreal about it all. Knowing that you’re riding a virtual raft and jumping in the air, at the exact same time as someone else 200 miles away.

The photographs it takes at opportune moments are fantastic and utterly ridiculous. Kudos to Marco for leaping in a much more enthusiastic (read: insane) manner than I did!

After Marco wandered off to get some food, I decided to strike while the iron was hot and give Your Shape a go.

I’m really not very fit. I’m slim but I’m terrible at exercising. Even more so since the dodgy foot (Kinect Adventures and its jumping did make my foot twinge again but sod it, it’s fun. I can always rest up after).

I took the fitness test and was quite impressed with both what was involved and my results. It turns out that my toning level isn’t bad as it came up as trained but I’m terrible at cardio. Makes sense really. Toning mostly involved squats and I’m good at them. At work I used to have to do those loads to get to the bottom shelves. Cardio. Well I don’t have much need to do anything cardio based in my every day life.

After the fitness test, I stopped. I was knackered considering I went straight into it after Kinect Adventures. But I was impressed by the array of options for me next. I’d certainly like to make it part of my daily routine.

If nothing else it gives me achievement points for burning calories. That has to be good, right?

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  1. Going to have to get Your Shape to get me off my arse.

  2. Also, awesome fun times with Kinect Adventures.

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