A day late for the Week’s Roundup because I had some time Saturday to write a ‘proper’ entry, I don’t have time today however so here we go.

A quiet week for articles that have actually been published but I’ve been doing some other things in the background as well as been busy playing games that I’ll be writing about next week.

First up was my Steam picks for a Pint article for play.tm. Excellent fun to write as it reminded me of how many brilliant games you can buy for less than £3. Games like Aliens vs Predator, Railroad Tycoon 2 along with newer indie gems like Time Gentlemen Please and Ben There, Dan That.

It’s the middle of winter, it’s wet and cold outside, you’re bored of watching the same TV show for the 100th time, you can’t afford to buy one of the latest games for your shiny PC thanks to the joys of post-Christmas poverty. What do you do? Check out Steam’s selection of cheap gems of course. But how do you know which games to pick out from a wide variety of potential dross? Have a read through our buyer’s guide for the best bargains on Steam, all of which cost you roughly the same as a pint of the landlord’s finest in your local pub.

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A random change of pace followed with my review of Xbox Live Indie game Gerbil Physics for VideogameUK. It was weird but really quite fun and a bargain price too.

Over a year after its initial launch, the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace seems to have finally produced some consistently high quality offerings. The likes of the impressively named I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!! and Mithra: The Calling Episode One have shown us that games don’t need to have flashy graphics or large budgets to be entertaining and worth our time. One other thing that the Indie marketplace has highlighted is the utter madness that goes through some Indie designers’ heads in order to come up with a unique idea. The idea of a physics based puzzle game centred around Gerbils didn’t seem like the most obvious of choices for a game but Gerbil Physics is fantastic fun even if the concept does sound absurd.

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Finally was the piece from Resolution that I’ve already advertised here, but will do so again: The Great Escape. I contributed a part of it to do with how the rather unexciting game, Boogie Bunnies helped me and my Mum get through an exceptionally tough two weeks of our life.

Sometimes it’s actually the most mindless of games that can help us through a tough time. In my case it was the XBLA game Boogie Bunnies. On the surface, it was absolutely nothing special. Your typical match-three puzzler, with its ‘unique’ twist being that you had to match dancing rabbits together. I’d bought it Easter in 2008, a spontaneous purchase as I was bored that day and had some points spare. I played it for about 30 minutes before putting it aside and doing something else. I figured I might return to it at some point with my mother, as she was a big fan of puzzlers, and it was bound to be a bit of entertainment for both of us. At the time I had no idea just how pivotal it would be for our sanity in the coming weeks. Three weeks later my Dad was dead.

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On that rather sombre note, that’s it for the week. Next week will be full of Broken Sword for the iPhone, Max and the Magic Marker for the Wii, Castlevania and Vandal Hearts for XBLA, and finally, Darksiders and Mass Effect 2 for the 360. Phew, that got busy! Oh and:

Yay I’ve survived the first month of #oneaday! Really quite pleased with myself 🙂 And it hasn’t even felt too tough!

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