Blog a Day 319of365: Kinect impressions

I finally set up Kinect this afternoon. Well done me for my willpower and all that. I managed to get some iPhone work done and do 4 days worth of washing up done before succumbing to Kinect.

I’m thoroughly impressed by Kinect. Not that I thought it’d be a disappointment of course but in action, it really is something special.

I don’t really have the room for it. I do just about but it’s a bit of a squash and I had to move some furniture around. It’s not ideal but it works.

I played a bit of Kinect Adventures first. Really good fun. Jumping on the rafts is satisfying even though it’s also utterly absurd when you think about it.

Dance Central is fun but I’m absolutely awful at it. Truly, truly awful. I managed 3 stars at Poker Face, that was about the best I could do. Lots of practice is clearly needed here!

On the plus side, it actually felt tiring and like a workout….kind of.

I’ve got Your Shape on the way and The Biggest Loser too by the sounds of things, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that can help. I know it won’t be quite as good as a ‘proper’ workout or going to the gym but as I’ve no plans to do either of those, if I can get a bit healthier through a game that also gives me achievements for burning calories – that has to be good, right?

I noticed that Kinect Adventures did make my ankle a bit sore afterwards but I’m fed up of being held back by it so I’ll see if I can ignore that in future!

The technology itself is impressive. I’m interested to see how developers will use it in the long run as I figure they’re only scratching the surface for now. Currently it all feels very Minority Report-ish and impressive. Just being able to swish my arms around to choose things on the menus pleases childish me hugely.

So yes, all good so far. No buyer’s remorse or anything! Very early days I know and I could do with spending much more time with it all, but I’ve got a huge urge to keep playing. Shame as I’ve got work to do!

It’s been a pretty good day too which is nice.

3 Thoughts to “Blog a Day 319of365: Kinect impressions”

  1. Awesome!! Can’t wait for mine to arrive wednesday. Will pick up a couple games as Kinect Adventures won’t be enough!

  2. Bought and setup my kinect on Monday.

    Realised My living room is way to small for kinect and this has left me feeling a bit narked. Whilst the speech tech is very impressive I simply can’t use it fully and have kicked my furniture to the edges of the room. It says on the box it needs 6ft in all seriousness it needs about 8-9ft minimum and I live in a tiny house 🙁

    there’s only one solution but am I a big enough fanboy to justify moving to a bigger house in the middle of a recession?…

  3. Haly

    I’m surprised by that. I must have been lucky. Only about 6ft between the sensor and the wall and I can still get it to work ok.

    Does seem to be different depending on the game, for example Kinect Adventures seems more forgiving than Dance Central.

    I can see it needing 8ft easily for 2 players though.

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