Blog a Day 318of365: Weekend finale

Another knackering day. Not helped by the fact that I didn’t go to bed till 3.30am as I had some last minute work to finish (my own fault admittedly).

I didn’t go to the cinema in the end. I was too tired and I wasn’t particularly bothered about seeing the film anyhow. Instead I stayed in bed and played some more Black Ops. I’m keeping my opinions on that game tightly to my chest for now. Mostly because I’m honestly not sure yet.

After that I cooked up some crepes with nutella for brunch. Lovely stuff. I could eat those all day, every day. I also learnt that we’re getting a Dominos nearby which is rather exciting. Sad I know but I haven’t been in a delivery area for Dominos since I lived in Stafford and I’ve missed the convenience. Yes it’s overpriced but I always wait until I’ve got vouchers or there’s a good special offer anyhow.

Then we headed off to the relevant Argos to pick up Kinect. I had a £10 gift voucher from my birthday, plus they were doing an offer where if you spend over £100, you get a £10 gift voucher. So I managed to pick up Kinect and Dance Central for £140 which wasn’t bad at all!

Then it was off to pick up my grandmother and visit my Aunt and Uncle for a birthday tea for my Mum. It was good fun in the end despite my grandmother being intensely difficult. Me and my young cousins ended up playing We Sing Encore and We Sing Robbie Williams which was excellent fun.

Good time in all in the end.

Funny how things change. My cousins used to be a bit irritating when they were younger but they’ve turned into really nice kids. Such a shame my Dad never got to see them like that. He’d have been impressed.

Feeling nice and rejuvenated for the coming week. Handy as I’ve got plenty to do!