Blog a Day 317of365: Busy time

I’m enjoying this birthday weekend almost as much as the birthday person I think.

This morning we headed to the local produce market which was extra good this month. Lots of new stalls including a new crepe place which was even tastier than the old one! Excellent. Rather lovely looking Frenchman preparing them too. What more could you want?

After that we went shopping. That was a nice wander around looking at various shops. This is where I struck upon a good idea. I could buy Move! But then I thought about it a bit more, wouldn’t it be better to put that £40+ towards Kinect instead? Yes it would. So why not buy Kinect today then?

I didn’t quite do it. I’m not that spontaneous but I did go home and figure out where the best deal was. Now it looks like tomorrow I’ll be off to pick it up along with a game (probably Dance Central).

Tomorrow’s going to be frantic actually. I’m off to the cinema in the morning to see a preview of *googles it so she doesn’t just say that train film with Denzel Washington*…Unstoppable. Then I’m off to Argos to pick up Kinect then I think I’m driving straight to my Aunt and Uncle’s for the afternoon.

So I won’t actually have time to play Kinect tomorrow. But it’s worth buying it then as I’m in the right general direction.

So yes, busy old weekend indeed.