Blog a Day 315of365: Mum’s birthday tomorrow

It’s my Mum’s birthday tomorrow so I spent a couple of hours this evening wrapping her presents. This also meant that I started doubting everything I’d bought her.

I’ve been collecting bits and pieces over the last few weeks. I didn’t realise quite how many of these bits and pieces were books. They’re books that she’ll love, it’s just that I’m worried that there are so damn many of them. Besides the fiction, I have also bought her a cook book, some chocolate, a DVD and some Lush smellies. I just can’t help but worry that it’s too predictable, too safe. I was going to buy her a game but couldn’t decide what and she’s already busy with Dragon Quest IX and the new Professor Layton anyhow. Possibly for Christmas though.

I’m probably worrying over nothing but I’m not used to being the sole person in charge of all this. It might be the third birthday since my Dad died but it really doesn’t feel that way and my Mum’s quite clearly dreading it. So I want to make it extra special when it’s all down to me and…ugh. It’ll be fine I know.

I nearly ran out of wrapping paper which would have been awkward. I briefly thought I was going to have to use Spongebob paper, leftover from my cousin’s 8th birthday, but luckily I found some more appropriate paper in the end. Exciting story eh?

Hopefully we’ll both have a nice weekend anyhow, fingers crossed.