Blog a Day 314of365: RDJ

So Robert Downey Jr, love him or hate him…actually don’t hate him, you won’t like this blog entry. Anyway, he’s damn charming isn’t he? Even when he’s being a bit of a cocky git.

Even back when he was in Weird Science playing a bully, he was an irritating sod but he had a smile that was clearly going to set him right. It probably explains the whole fall from grace thing and the drugs and alcohol abuse – he knew he could get away with anything and he did, at least for a little while.

While lately, he acts in fairly unchallenging roles, there’s that glimpse of greatness in Chaplin. It’s a great film, tragic and compelling. I remember first watching it when I was a young teenager. I was instantly intrigued and read Chaplin’s autobiography. Bizarrely I’ve still never actually seen any of Chaplin’s films! I will one day, honest. Downey Jr was brilliant in the role though. Not overly pleasant but then people on the whole are never lovely at all times.

I haven’t actually seen him in anything overly challenging since though. He was good in A Guide to Recognising Your Saints and brilliant in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang though, he pretty much played himself which is fair enough I guess.

Zodiac offered a rather good performance from him and an excellent film too. He didn’t play the same old role, instead he showed he could act. Pity no one actually paid much attention to the film. Or at least not as much as they should have.

Since then though, it’s all been the same role which is fine – he’s good at it after all. Will he ever achieve the acting greatness that he might be able to achieve? Possibly not.

Still, I don’t mind. He’s ridiculously charming in Iron Man, he’s absolutely ridiculous in Tropic Thunder but terrific fun, he’s entertaining and good value all round in Sherlock Holmes, and as I’ve learnt today – he plays an excellent, angry, stressed person in Due Date.

Want a recap?

Rogueish charm
Lovely eyes and smile
Could probably try harder at starring in different films but all round lovely

Hormone induced ramble over then!