Blog a Day 313of365: Where I whinge

I feel ever so slightly better today. Ever so slightly indeed.

I’m not practically doubled over with stomach pain any more, but I still feel under par. I’m still knackered and ache all over. My brain still feels fuzzy and generally I feel ugh.

It’s annoying though. I want to get on with things now. I’m not very good at accepting illness especially not when I’ve got plenty to do. I guess no one’s good at being ill admittedly, thus making that sentence entirely redundant. Ugh.

Part of my brain wants to rattle off a few iPhone reviews. Another part of my brain is looking over other people’s work and despairing at the standard of mine of late. Finally, yet another part of my brain just wants to go to sleep.

This seems to sum up my brain all over at the moment. Not good at all. I’ll try to stop being so self deprecating at some point in the future, honest.

I did manage to play a spot of CoD:BLOPS at least. Not much as I decided to fall asleep for a bit instead. Not really played enough of it to have a conclusive opinion but I’ll be rather surprised if it makes my Top 10 of the year. Still you never know, things could change dramatically.

Ugh, I dunno.

I feel generally disheartened and negative. Probably because I’m ill. Don’t bother reading this, it’s not worth it. Yet another sodding filler entry!

Tomorrow’s another day and all that. I might even stop whining tomorrow. You never know.