Blog a Day 312of365: Ill

So today was the start of a new era. Or something like that. It didn’t really work out that way unfortunately.

Instead I was mostly doubled over in pain thanks to some particularly nasty stomach bug that came from nowhere. I was fine first thing this morning, bit tired compared to usual but ok otherwise. Then it hit me and I was in pain. Lovely.

So my plans all got moved to the wayside for one day. I did manage to get a bit done and Reso’s got content going live tomorrow. Other than that though, it was extremely unproductive. I assume the bug was my workplace’s final blow. Lovely leaving gift indeed.

I’m hoping I’ll feel better in the morning. I want to get plenty done.

The crappiness means my brain isn’t fully working and here I am with yet another weak OneADay to write.

I could of course write about Black Ops coming out midnight/tomorrow but I’m not interested. When I say not interested, that’s exactly what I mean. I’m not particularly keen to play it (although if a copy drops through my door like MW2 did last year, I certainly won’t complain) but nor am I anti it. I’ll get round to playing it at some point I’m sure.

I could afford to go out and buy it tomorrow but I’d rather spend my money on Enslaved. Having said that, I’ve got enough games to play through. I’ve still only played Fallout: New Vegas for 30 minutes and both Assassin’s Creed 2 and Aliens Versus Predator are untouched.

Hmm, stomach’s playing up again. Obviously having beans on toast was a bad idea. I hadn’t eaten all day though and it seemed like a good thing to try.

Anyway, I’m buggering off to go look for cheap blu-rays before I go to bed. Sorry this is a crap OneADay but my brain really is non-existent.