Blog a Day 311of365: Good times ahead hopefully

So, last day at work today. It went differently from how I expected it to.

Crucially, it was so incredibly boring that I think it confirmed my feelings that it was time to leave all the more. 2 years is a while indeed. The longest I’ve ever been in a job actually. It was clearly time to go.

Various things occured that reminded me of what a mess the place is these days and how much I hate the beurarcy of a lot of things there.

I’ll certainly be keeping in touch with the good people. I’m off on the Christmas night out next month which will be excellent 🙂

I’ll dearly miss the four people left there who I’ve worked with for the past 2 years, but the rest of it? I’m done thanks. This was never meant to be my life and it was turning that way unfortunately. It was dictating my life and really wasn’t paying enough to be worth the hassle.

So I’m onto the next step. The one where it’s all mostly down to me. It’s time to make my own luck and all that. My driving instructor always used to say that I was good at creating my own luck. He was talking about how I approached roundabouts but hopefully this idea extends to life on the whole.

Even better, I don’t have to serve gypsies Danny Dyer films any more. That one fact has to instantly make life oh so much better, right?

Currently though, I’m bloody knackered. As soon as I got home, I had to edit and schedule some content to go on Resolution tomorrow morning. Now I’m writing this and, well, I’m tired. This involves thought.

Still, no more Danny sodding Dyer. Yay!