Blog a Day 310of365: Delightful Saturday

Today was a day where I didn’t turn my PC on until 7pmish. This made a pleasant change indeed.

I got up and played The Sims 3 on the 360 before going out to the city centre. I somehow forgot that it was a) a Saturday and b) on the brink of Christmas shopping madness. It was mental in town. I managed to traverse Lush, a couple of card shops and Superdrug for the last of my Mum’s birthday presents. Yes, Superdrug. Bizarrely it was the only shop I could find in the area that sold Milk Tray and I didn’t really want to go to a supermarket just for that.

As an aside, Lush is a fantastic shop but also slightly scary. Within seconds of walking through the door, I was approached by an incredibly enthusiastic woman who clearly lived and breathed bath bombs. She was so incredibly enthusiastic in her explanation of various bath bombs and what they smelt of, it was unnerving. Keen, oh yes. Tad scary, most definitely.

After the shopping trip, I took my PS3 and went with my Mum to visit my Dad’s best friend and his family. We’ve been friends with them all for years. All my living memory, he’s been around as he went to University with my Dad, both as mature students. Also known his wife for about 15 years or more too. They’ve got 3 kids now: a 9 year old, 7 year old and 2 year old. I had a copy of Disney Sing It: Family Hits to review. They seemed the perfect group to test it on.

Fantastic few hours. Really good fun although tinged with sadness as any social event with a family seems to be these days, but it was still good.

On the way home, we got Burger King as we had some discount vouchers in need of using up.

Got home. Played Deadly Premonition till I realised I was too tired and it was a waste, then switched to The Sims 3. Now happily watching Killers while sorely tempted to resubscribe to World of Warcraft. I’ll probably resist for another night.

Good times. Do not want to go to work tomorrow though, even if it is the last shift.