Blog a Day 30of365: Sleeping habits

I’m such a wimp these days.

I’ve got a copy of Mass Effect 2 to hand and a part of me wants to spend all night playing it. The other, old part of me thinks that sleep is a much better idea. After all, tomorrow I’ve got to go visit my young cousins who will be exhausting, then I’ve got to go to work. I need my energy. How pathetic is that.

What happened to the days when I’d stay up till 4-5am playing games, then still get up at 10am to head to lectures? Or the weekend where I went to a LAN, caught 2 hours sleep, went to work for 6 hours, went back to the LAN and reached the semi final of a Counterstrike tournament before finally having something to eat.

I’d say laziness is to blame, and it is partially true. But I’m not so sure if that’s it. Maybe it’s some strange sense of responsibility and accepting that sleep is quite crucial to living. Whatever it is, it’s a bit rubbish as I’d really love to go back to the days of 10 hours of gaming in a row but I’m not sure if it’s in me any more.

Maybe I need to live alone again. I feel a bit too responsible these days and like I should be vaguely conscious for most of the day. Daft really as I’m pretty sure my Mum would encourage me to game all night considering how much she games herself.

I’ve only played 10 minutes of Mass Effect 2 and despite being underwhelmed by the first game, I’m rather excited to sink my teeth into it properly. Hmm maybe I could at least manage till 3am tonight. It’s sorely tempting.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 30of365: Sleeping habits

  1. Rachel

    Weird isn’t it? I’ve no idea what happened to the days when I’d cheerfully game through the night either! Once upon a time I loved nothing better! Now, sleep wins every time. Preferably with a chance to spend time reading before bed…

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