Blog a Day 305of365: Analysing the readers

While trying to think what to write about, I thought I’d see how the stats were going. I don’t get many comments so sometimes it’s tricky to know just who actually reads this blog.

It turns out that quite a few people do in fact. 18,000 or so unique hits every month! Nearly twice as many were reading when I started OneADaying in January. Impressive. I’d better make sure there’s a reason to keep reading next year then.

It’s particularly nice to see people still reading my Undergrad dissertation. I have no idea who they are or whether there’s just a hell of a lot of plagiarism going on somewhere but it’s nice to see nonetheless. I wrote it over 4 years ago which feels like a lifetime ago but i still feel proud of it. Even if I did only get a 2.2. It was a different dissertation to everyone else. They all stuck to film or TV, maybe a spot of advertising. I was the only one to take a risk and write about games. I haven’t read it in a very long time, must do so sometimes but it feels very self-indulgent.

Entries about my broken foot are popular too. I suspect it stems from people googling to learn as much as they can about healing times etc. I know I used to google like crazy!

Intriguingly, someone with a local IP address seems to visit quite regularly and I have no idea who! Hello, whoever you are.

I don’t tend to have interesting search strings which is a shame. The nearest I get is things like ‘pictures of halycopters’ which is different but not overly exciting.

Anyway, thanks for reading. More nonsense this time tomorrow.