Blog a Day 304of365: Weekly roundup

Today was going to be a weekly roundup. I’m off to work soonish (yay, penultimate shift) and want to get other work done before. However there are only 2 pieces of mine that have gone live in the past week despite it being quite a busy week. Ah well. It’s my blog, I’ve written a fair bit the last few days.

First up, Sonic 4.

It’s been a long time coming for Sonic fans. Sure, Sonic Rush on the DS was an enjoyable game but for a long time, Sonic fans were floundering, unable to rely on their dearly beloved hedgehog. While Mario made the tremendous leap to 3D without a hitch, Sonic faltered. Just look at Sonic Unleashed or Sonic the Hedgehog. Try not to shudder while you do. Face it, we all stuck with the compilations of old to fulfil our Sonic fix, yet the yearning for a ‘proper’ Sonic game was still there.

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Then there was Fable 3. Oh I loved Fable 3. Still do in fact. It’s not often that I continue to play a game after I’ve reviewed it thanks to time constraints. I’ve made the time to carry on with Fable 3 though and now I’m wrapping up the last few side-quests and generally having another wander around Albion.

You have to admire a man like Peter Molyneux really. While lesser mortals know that you shouldn’t make promises that you can’t keep, Molyneux blazes in promising the world in his next game. Predictably you never get the world. You get a very respectable game but one that you can’t help but feel slightly cheated by because it was hyped up to ridiculous levels with no chance of actually meeting expectations. So we come to Fable III, a game that has the weight of the world on it in every sense yet still manages to be a great success.

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And that was that. Content wise, I haven’t been quite as productive as usual. Admin wise though….blimey. Lots on. Next week should be a busy one too.

Anyway, I’ve got some preview code to look over before I go to work.