For once I’m rather pleased with a piece of my writing.

Before Christmas I was approached by Daniel Lipscombe to write some words on a time when games helped me get through a difficult time in my life. There’s been a few times where that’s happened but I went for the most prominent occurrence, shortly after my Dad’s death in April 2008. The game, rather oddly, was Boogie Bunnies on the Xbox Live Arcade.

It was an odd piece to write.

It makes no sense at all to describe but it felt very easy to write, but very difficult too. Knowing what to say was mostly quite easy but reading back was extremely difficult. It brought back so many memories. It’s an awkward one to discuss but then again it was nice to get it out there. I should probably do it more often, it’d probably be good for me rather than keeping quiet about various experiences during that period of my life. Because it’s still so raw and that period of my life is still ongoing to a certain extent, it makes it harder.

When I wrote the piece for Resolution, I took a step back to a certain extent. I threw myself into it of course and wrote completely from the heart (oh what a cliché) but it wasn’t until I read it through that I thought ‘Jesus that’s my life, that’s a bit shit really’.

It’s a sobering realisation.

Anyway if you want to read it, it’s over at Resolution. I’m on page 4, but do take your time to also read the contributions from Daniel Lipscombe, Christos Reid, Sinan Kubba, Andy Kelly and Sam Giddings.

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