Blog a Day 299of365: Pasta

I received a late birthday present today.

My Mum and I visited a family friend who had been inspired by a dream. She’d dreamt that I’d like this present. She had no idea why and she wasn’t convinced that I’d actually like it but she felt it was her destiny to buy the present in the dream.

She was immediately very apologetic, convinced that I wouldn’t like it. Instead I absolutely loved it. It was an item that I’ve often said would be handy but could never really justify buying myself. And when I say, I’ve often said, I’ve actually only ever said it to my Mum. So kudos to the family friend for somehow sensing this.

It was a pasta maker. Probably not what a lot of people would expect me to really appreciate. I’ve clearly become rather domesticated. The idea of being able to make my own pasta is damn exciting if you ask me.

I want to make spinach tagliatelle and tortellini and, somewhat bizarrely perhaps, chocolate pasta.

I absolutely love pasta, I’ve just got to make sure that I use the maker regularly.

While I’m at it, I’d really like a bread maker too. I’d love to make my own bread. I’ve had home made bread before and nothing else can compare really, if it’s done well.

As an aside, the friend popped into my workplace last week to pick up some rentals. I wasn’t in but she mentioned she knew me to a workmate of mine. She then went onto have a chat and explain how she’d got me a pasta maker. I suspect my workmate will be quite surprised that I’m so pleased to have a pasta maker. Considering I spend most of my time at work talking about films and games and not once suggesting that I’m vaguely domesticated, I think she’ll be surprised.

I’d better make her some pasta. Assuming I can do a good job of it!